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The #1


The fastest production car in the world is a Bugatti Veyron. What would it look like if it transformed into a guitar? The ideal outcome for a piece like this is that it wouldn't be a stretch of the imagination for someone to turn a key and have the guitar start up like an engine, all wheels turning. You can imagine that, at any moment, it could move. Read more...

Remember the sexiest Marilyn Monroe scene ever, where she steps on the steaming grate and the draft blows her skirt up? Now think of the Statue of Liberty—this ancient, staid, powerful female figure that’s completely robed. Liberty is my exploration of these two extremes, delving into the notion of what power women have in our society and how that has changed and evolved.



This bench sculpture was commissioned by the Friends of the Brentwood Library for their 40th Anniversary celebration. The sculpture was dedicated during National Library Week in April, 2017.